Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's the end of March. I graduate on May 4! I love school, but I'm tired!
The beginning of the term and in the winter I am usually very excited about projects and papers.
Right now my motivation seems to have gone!
I am almost at the end of my Undergraduate Career.
I feel like a part of me has died.

I have loved being in school and learning.
I really like the adult socialization, with others my age, (and younger)- especially the girls.
I have always been a very social person, and since High School it's been hard to keep in touch with my friends and actually go see them and do things with them, since I've been married and had a child.

My spontaneous personality has had to be tamed. Needless to say I still want to go to California and Washington D.C. or NYC every few weeks, but my insatiable desire for escape does not help me stay in reality sometimes.

I just wrote a paper for a course and before I started it I had a headache, not sure why.
I figured out I have 10 Chapters to read, and more pages in another book before writing
and Internet Discussion due by March 31. Which is soon!
I would like to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology or Education eventually.
I know I'm silly! But, I would love to go Educational Psychology and get a Teacher's License
for K-6! Here's the kicker, it takes 3 years!

Anyways, I liked how the day started this morning with sunny weather and seeing my gorgous flowers, watering them and playing with my son. But the gloominess of the ominous, black clouds outside seems to have gotten to my emotions. I hope the sun returns soon!

Happy Thursday!

Chelsea Merkley

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