Thursday, March 15, 2012

Night Terror

My poor sick boy has suffered from Croup
For a few days. He woke up screaming that
There were spiders all over him and biting him.
He thought they were flying around our house and
crawling all over hIs hands, in his sweatshirt pocket & on all the walls.
I explained to him that he was pretending to see the spiders.
There are no real spiders. "Yes they are they're on your legs too and on my bed!"
Aggggggggggh Spiders Spiders Spiders! Help me!"
"Get them off!"

I held him & comforted him. I rocked him.
I told him the Spiders he was seeing are a dream.
I told him he was using his imagination to see them.
That they were fake. He was pretending & thinking it was real.
The episode in it's extreme state lasted 30 minutes. The calmer, more sparratic outbursts lasted 40 minutes. This all started at 3:40 am with him jumping out of bed screaming there was a spider in his sweatshirt pocket & crawling all over him. The odd thing, is that his eyes were wide open the whole time & he was crying. He was so terrified. It broke my heart.
It calmed him down some when I sprayed "Gone Spider Potion" all over his room & on his bed. On Dad & on Christopher.
Which was actually a spray bottle with water in it.

I also gave him some toddler cough medicine to calm him and ease his fears. I hope it helps his throat & nose too. His Dad sat with him in bed for a while and let him listen & watch Dinosaur books on his Ipad.

I have a video but my Iphone won't let me post it.
It's quite sad, but funny too.I sure hope these sort of waking bad dreams don't become a habit.


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