Friday, June 8, 2012

Christopher's Last Soccer Practice

Of this season. It's been such a fun time and a good learning experience for him!
He's learned that soccer is not Rugby or American Football.
That we don't punch, shove, kick or push others or touch the ball.
We use our feet playing soccer.
We pass the ball to others and don't hog it all the time.
And the most important skill is to have fun!

                                                          Christopher and Zachary

                                                          The kids kicking the ball in the goal
                                                     I caught him picking up the ball with Analee!
                                                               Everyone Doing Drills
                                                         Christopher, Jeff and Mia

                                                              Putting the Cones back he moved
                                                                 Helping Coach fix the cones
                                                      Doing zig zag drills

                                                            He likes to pretend to be the  goalie
                                                                 Go Christopher!

                                                                 Kicking down the field!
                                                 Christopher and Zachary waiting for their turns
                                                                         So happy!
                                                           Kicking the Ball to the Goal!
                                                           Great Job Honey!

                                                                     Getting his ball.

                                                                I'm the Goalie!

                                                       Mia and Chris working on passing skills

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