Thursday, June 21, 2012

SVU Awarded Regional Accreditation!!!!!!!!

As a devout Alumni of SVU(2006 Music:Vocal Performance);
 I am so pleased to have read this announcement and so thankful for all my dear friends and family that have put so many years of work into this fantastic news! It's been a long time coming and we've all waited and worked 16 years for such a momentous occasion!

Southern Virginia University received word today that it is now a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 
It now has regional accreditation!!!!
This, is in addition to the National Accreditation it has had since 2003 (full accreditation).

Thank you to the many who helped along the way, including but not limited to Rodney Smith, Paul Edwards, Associate Provost John Armstrong, Doug Himes, Tina Himes, Anneka Himes Olson,Tamsin HimesScott DransfieldJan-Erik JonesKaren R. Hufford, Larae Carter, Professor Cluff, Brayden Cluff, Amaree Cluff, Nate Pence, Bekah Pence, Richard Stuart, President Whitehead, Launa Whitehead, David Dwyer, The Pence Family, Jeff Robison, President 
President Paul K. Sybrowsky, Provost Madison Sowell, Whitney Larsen,  and many others: students, families, friends, Alumni and Faculty members who've worked tirelessly to show the fantastic skills of SVU as an unmatched Academically Oriented University. 

I thank our Heavenly Father for this wonderful day and how many careers this news will effect for the better.

Spread the news!
This is an important milestone in Southern Virginia's history.

Read the Article which announces Regional Accreditation!

Learn more about SVU in the beautiful Shenandoah Valleys of Virginia.

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