Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Stir Crazy

Lately my little boy has kind of been going stir crazy.
We let him play outside and play in the hose and with his friends.
Yet, it seems like he can never be running around enough.

It is unbelievably dry here in Utah and wildfires have been burning rampantly in our state, which makes me very sad for those who have been hurt; or otherwise lost belongings from these tragedies.
It smells like smoke outside today.
I shouldn't complain, but our grass seems to be dying and frankly; our flower beds are scorched.
We have weeds in our flowerbeds that have not been picked, because my husband and I are both
extremely allergic to grass and whatever else is blowing around outside this time of year.

When my husband mows the lawn, he comes inside and has red rashes all over his body.
He has to take Benadryl to lessen his symptoms before he goes outside to do yard work.

I can imagine that the temperatures are much higher in St. George and Arizona.
Because of this I am praying and fasting for rain and for moisture in Utah and in Arizona this week.
Of course, I always pray for my dear friends who I love every day and the many people I love who are ill, with Cancer, Leukemia, or any other type of physical or emotional challenge in life.

We all love the sunshine and going to Water Parks; or running in the sprinklers.
But, when my yard is dying because of the heat, it's clear we need rain.

I am also looking forward to going to tour some preschools for my son to attend this coming fall.
He loves being around other kids and learning, I know he behaves so much better when he has friends to play with and a more set schedule every day. I am excited to see what this fall brings!


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