Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catch Up on 4th Of July and other summer activities

                                                        Stormy and blue sky pics from 07/05/11

                                                My son gives me happiness and joy everyday
                                             A double rainbow during a storm gave me joy today

         My son saw me clean the kitchen and wanted to clean his train set, oh that was fun to clean up!
                                                 On July 5, my son "cleaned" his train set:(

                                             This blue sky gave me so much joy and a sight of beauty!
                                                         4th of July Neighborhood Breakfast
                                       "Cheese!" Someone's bike he barrowed nearly the whole time!
                                                         I love all the patriotic flags!
                                                             Sandy Police Cart!

                                                                Life Fire Deomonstration Drill

                                                   watching fireworks, gotta love Iphone flash
                                                                     teeter totter

                                                               playing football
                                                       4th of July 2011 Merkley Family Pic
Fireworks In Cottonwood Heights
Where has the time gone. Today is July 7, I will admit i've done 12 loads of laundry and trying to cook and keep my house clean for the past couple of days has kept me busy! My son said to me today" I want to kiss your arm, then he did, then he said I want to kiss your ear, and he did, and then he said I want to kiss your other ear, and then he did. He's so sweet. He loves me so much! We asked him the other day where he wanted to go on vacation in a little while and he said, ‎"I want to go to Disneyland where there's a statue of Mickey holding his Daddy's Hand!" I think that's the cutest thing I've ever heard. Then he said,"Here's a mint lightsaber for you Mom!"

We've had a lot of fun this summer. Here are some photos of July 4 and other fun summer events! I and that Blogger is silly and it took me a long while to download all of these photos because I could only do 4 at a time!

Happy Summer! Chels

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