Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Robert's Work Party

Last night a whole bunch of Robert's co-workers decided to take him out for Sushi. He hardly ever gets sushi since I am not a fan of fish in general and I don't like Sushi or Sashimi. So, they elected to
go to Happy Sumo at the Gateway.They have good Teriyaki chicken there, we've heard. Robert invited me, since we have never been before.The food was great, but the service was awful. Our waitress was a total jerk and wouldn't take separate checks at all, she seemed to not know how to be courteous or accomadating and expected us to accomadate to her. She just made things difficult for us.

Although, raunchy waitress aside; we had a great time hanging out with Robert's co-workers. I can tell how much they really value him. A few dares, laughs and good food helped to remedy the situation we were dealt.
Here are some pics from my Iphone;

                                                 Robert being silly at Happy Sumo
                                                 Excited Christopher!
                                                        Jamie and Amanda
                                   Tyler and I (had just about had it with the raunchy waitress at this point)
                                                  Valerie being cute with Christopher.

                                                     Part of the A.R.U.P. Gang
                                                   Like Father like son, my handsome boys
                                                                Merkley Family pic
                                                               Robert eating Vegas Roll Sushi
                                                                 Hey, I'm eating!
                                                         Lil man stuffing his face!
                                                      My Teriyaki Tori
                                                     I think this is my fav. pic of these 3;)
                                                                    Silly Holly!
                                                                Robert's Vegas Rolls
                                                  Tyler's Ginger bet, Amanda....
                                                 Is deciding if she should eat it for $10
                                                         She did!
                                                                Her eyes are watering!
                                                              She's still struggling a bit.
                                She had to swallow it whole to get the money and not throw it up
                                                      Yummy Husband with his Sushi
                                                            I like my son's smile in the background
                                                       Me and my Man
                                                              The Merkley Trio
                                                                Our lil guy dancing to the guitar music

                                                               The A.R.U.P. Gang
                                                      Even the sun seems to be mourning
                                                    The majestic sunset on our way home
                                                       The end of one era, the beginning of another


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