Monday, July 18, 2011

Bethany Endowment and Todd's Birthday

Okay so this post will be like 2 posts in one. We'll start with the most recent happening which was yesterday. Yesterday we went to my Uncle's house to celebrate his 50th birthday! Happy Birthday Todd!

We had a great time! Here are some photos.

                                                           Shaunna- playing piano with the kiddies
                                               Todd reading his cards and opening presents
                                                        Everyone smiling at Todd, Karin is gleaming!
                                                             My sweet Lil guy!
                                                              Jason Playing with the kids!
                                                      Courtney brought her daddy Ice Cream
                                                               Todd and Alexander
                                         Travis doting his baby girl, while my son plays by him
                             These photos I doctored using Instagram. Christopher and Courtney!
                                         I love this photo! Look how cute Courtney is here!
                                                      After she brought Daddy Ice cream!
                                               Whoa! Courtney and Cute Christopher!
                                                              Playing Piano with Chloe
                                                              Sipping Tea with Jason

2nd Post; Bethany Thatcher's Endowment!

My dearest friend Bethany got endowed on Saturday at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple! She invited me to come and I was so happy to bet there for her! And so proud of her!!!!!!!! Here are some pics we didn't have time to get pictures with everyone unfortunately:(

                                                              Oquirrh Mountain Temple
                                                             The Lovely Dawn!

                                                               I think this is my fav. photo

                                         I took this picture almost lying down on the cement
                                                   Village Inn! Breakfast for Dinner! Yum!
                                                       Gotta love Ruth and Mia;)

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