Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

That's it!!!! I'm fed up with vile hay fever/allergies! I've tried everything!!!! Suggestions!!!!!?????

Do you know what that was? My status yesterday afternoon on Facebook. I got so many helpful replies.

Some included using a Neti Pot to irrigate my nose, trying Benadryl at night to help me sleep and ease allergy pain. Which I did tonight but it didn't help me sleep because I am a light sleeper and hear our water softener, air conditioning and fireworks going off way in the middle of the night at like 2 am so that didn't help. The Benadryl helped dry out my nose, but then it got runny. Now it's doing better a bit.

Another suggestion thought it would be beneficial for me to move states so I wouldn't have to deal with such bad allergies.
They had a valid point. But, we just moved less than 2 years ago and are not going anywhere yet!

My son cracks me up. Everytime he wants something he says,"Daddy said I could..." Or Mommy said I could..." (Depending on which parent he wants something from) At which point I tell him I never said that and to stop lying. Ah. The fun begins!Today's statment, "Mommy said she wants you to come upstairs Daddy!" My retort: " I never said that!" Do you know what that was? My status update earlier yesterday afternoon. 

Our son is getting very crafty at manipulating us parents. Except it's obvious when he lies to us and tells us what either of us supposedly said( actually never really said) so that he can get what he wants. It was very funny to watch; so funny in fact that both of us were laughing at his attempts to run the household.

About 8pm after I woke up from a much needed nap, I wanted dinner. It was too late to eat dinner but I didn't care. I suggested Olive Garden. FAIL! Robert is so sick of going there. It's like my fav. place ever! He said I could pick a place as long as it wasn't there. We had a little argument and tried to go to Johnny Carrino's (which was closed), I ran into Brad Harmon and his lovely wife Jenna trying to go there at the same time as us. He was on the Basketball team at SVU in 2005-06 When I went there. They gawked at our son and told us how cute he was and then we were off.

We ended up going to Bajio which was a fast and tasty decision and Christopher ate black beans and a Quesadilla, Robert had a Pork Quesadilla and I had a Pork Burritio with sour cream and spanish rice inside the burrito/sweet rice outside the burrito by the blackbeans.On the way home from the restauraunt our son turned the charm on. I sneezed; "Bless you Mommy!" Me; "Thank you!" 
"You're welcome Mommy!" Me; " I know what you're trying to do Christopher, you're being very charming and I know why!" " I no want to go to bed!" He had a 3 hour nap earlier so I let him stay up late tonight. I pray he sleeps in. As in past 8 am up to 11 am! Please! Yeah right.

When we got home Christopher and I watched fireworks going on all over S. Jordan from the end of our Street. Our neighbors bought a whole bunch of Aerial Fireworks so we didn't even have to go to a show tonight! We just had a free show all around us via our neighbors since it was the first year Aerial Fireworks were legal, which Christopher stayed up watching until around 11:30 PM when most of the fireworks stopped. Because who can go to sleep while listening to sonic booms? He loved watching them. His eyes were almost as bright as the fireworks in the sky!

Happy Independence Day Weekend Everyone!


P.S. A silly story about Christopher and I. How we are similar as he acts a lot like I did when I was a child.

My Gosh! We lost our son for a second couldn't find him outside in our yard! We found him in the garage in his Daddy's car! Karma has come full circle!I used to hide in the car when i was little! My parents would always find me in random people's unlocked cars pretending to drive, when they lost me! Yes it's true my son is 99.9% like me in his behavior, mannerisms and hobbies. What do you expect? Who is he around all day long? Also, after my slight argument about what food to eat with my husband my son was in a protective mood of his mommy. He pushed Daddy away from me and said "Daddy no you stay here Mommy go Olive Garden with me!" I realized what was happening and I said, "No, Daddy can come too." And he replied," Okay Daddy you can come!" Wow! He's so smart and protective of me! I love my son! 

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