Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2nd Day in Paris, France

                                          Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril Roller Coaster Ride
                                                    A few pics inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle


                                                      In the Lair of the Dragon

                                                           Us by Sleeping Beauty's Castle
                                                                 Me by the Castle.
Robert and Fantasia Mickey!

                                                     The Castle of the Beautiful Sleeping Woman
Cool Gate on the Castle

                                                              In the Metro

The Boat ride was cool and had deeper drops and was the coolest ride in the Park!

                                                     My favorite Disney Castle. It's so pretty!

                                                            The 3 Fairies Confectionary Shop

Cinderella's Carriage!
                                                          Hollywood Tower Hotel

                                                        The Old Star Tours Ride! In French!

                                                           Walle and Eva
                                             Space Mountain Mission 2, we rode it twice! Loved it!
                                                                Star Command Alliance!
                                           It's a Small Word, I actually thought this was an awesome ride!
                                                           Chesire Cat Walk

                                                A really cool maze! We actually got lost quite a bit in it!
Robert in Adventure Isle
                                                                Part of the Maze
                                                                Chesire Cat Walk
                                                                  Queen of Hearts Trail
                                                                  Jolly Roger Pirate's Ship

                          The amazing Swiss Family Robinson Tree Behind Robert and a maze in a
Big Cave where we had to try about 4 times to find a way to the bridge, this really is Adventureland!

                                               Pictures from the fantastic Fireworks show at the Castle!

The end of our day!

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