Friday, May 25, 2012

Our 1st Day in France

                          A video of the Dragon in the Lair under Sleeping Beauty's Castle
                       The Disney Pictures/ Film are from the 2nd day, all others from the 1st day.
                                                               The Eiffel Tower
                                                             Robert by the Eiffel Tower

                                                     Us under the Eiffel Tower; in the park surrounding it

                                                             In Alice's Chair
                                                    Me in Alice's Chair; It was raining really hard that day
                                                             Us on It's A Small World Ride
                                                             Us on the Jolly Roger Ship

                                  There is a waterfall behind me from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Us by the Waterfall, it's hard to see
                                                    Walking around Hotel Des Invalides; Napoleon's Tomb Church

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