Friday, May 4, 2012

Chelsea Merkley Graduation 2012

I am now a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies!
And I will hopefully receive my Undergraduate Applied Positive Psychology Certificate in August!
Thank you so much to Dr. Farr for all her help!
           Before Lining up for Commencement thanks for the gorgous Lei Cheryl & Joe! I love it!
                                                  I'm 3rd row up, 3rd person in.
                                                          2nd row up here

                                         Christopher sat through almost the whole commencement!
                                       Near the end, I let him come over to me and sit on my lap.
                                                                 Outside the Huntsman Center
                                                                       My  Family!
                                              I love you Christopher, right before I gave him a kiss!

   My son was adamant about not looking in this one, but I could see his cute eyes before this picture!
                           Some of these are fuzzy; if you look close you can see how thrilled I am!

                                                               I love this picture!
                                                                          We did it!

                                                       By the FCS Sign Walking Down!
                                                            Getting more excited!

                                                    They are reading my name

                                                     Smiling Holding up my Diploma
         Dr. Sonia Salari is the lady in the Purple,
She wrote 2  Reccommendations for me and was a Reference for me many times!
She wished me good luck and I gave her a hug to thank her!
She's smiling at me. She's the Best Family Violence Teacher ever!
Dr. Herrin was not here but he wrote 2 Reccommendations for me!
Dr. Funk was a Reference for me too! Thank you to all of you!

Thanks to Robert, Christopher, Cheryl & Joe and all my other family members and friends for supporting me!
For helping babysit our boy when we had tests and class.
For cheering me on! I couldn't have done it without you all!

Love, Chelsea

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