Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

On May 11, 2007 We got married in the Salt Lake Temple!
Five years later we have a 3 year old who will be 4 in September!
And I graduated from the U of U on May 4!

Robert and I went to see the Avengers and we loved it!
I really thought Loki and Captain America were great actors!
And Loki had a lot of screen time and was a really convincing bad guy!
I loved Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and the Black Widow!
It was great!

Happy 5th Anniversary Honey!
We got a new Camera for our Anniversary here are some pics from it!

                                                            Our Awesome 3 year old!
                                                                  Go Captain America!

                                     Whitney babysat Christopher tonight! I love talking to Whitney!
                                                   Cheesy Robert, I really like his shirt!
                                                               Peach Bubbly!
                                                               In our Wedding Dinner glasses
                                                          Sparkling Peach Bubbly!

                                                              Yay for 5 years!

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